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Gibraltar Minibus Transfers and TripsLeisure Bus can provide all your airport transfer needs to and from Gibraltar, our private minibus taxi service is available to carry individuals, families and large groups. Our prices become cost effective when carrying more than 4 passengers, making us cheaper than taking 2 taxis to your destination. However our courteous and reliable service with English speaking drivers also appeal to individuals and small groups.

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Looming like some great ship off the southernmost tip of Spain, the tiny British colony of Gibraltar is a heady compound of curiosities. To the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was one of the two Pillars of Hercules, set up by the mythical hero to mark the edge of the known world. Today, it's a little piece of the European continent populated mostly by Gibraltarians (of mixed Genoese, Jewish, Spanish and British ancestry), along with sizeable British and Moroccan minorities. Signs are in English but the languagesspoken are English, Spanish and a curious mix of the two. Hence the saying “Talking Giberish”.Gibraltar Dolphin Trips - The Original Dolphin Safari - Adventure - Southern Spain

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